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Handy Packing Tips from Brighton's removals experts

You may find some removal companies will not insure your fragile items if you have packed them yourself

Large items of furniture can often be moved in one piece but if you are dismantling furniture yourself, make sure you mark all the items and keep screws and bolts together so reassembling is easier

Do not over fill or under fill boxes.
Our removal men at MBE are strong but packing boxes to heavy will slow your move down. If the box is not full enough, something heavy placed on top of it on the van could cause damage

These should be packed seperately into boxes

These can be packed with about five plants in one large box. Make sure that there is something placed inbetween each one to prevent them from toppling over. If you have larger plants, please leave them to us on your moving day. We will take every care to make sure that they are kept in one piece but these are not covered by our insurance

Books and Cd's
These are deceptively heavy so please make sure you use smaller boxes when packing these

Use your linen to protect your china and delicates

Mark the box you are packing with the room you want it to be placed in your new home, not with the room you are packing in

Always pack plates on their side and glasses standing up with a layer of your saved linen at the bottom and a layer at the top. Make sure you mark these boxes !! Fragile!!

When taping a box up, always go once along the folded flaps and once across the middle at the bottom and the same at the top of the box. Use the taped area to write the room contents on

Leave bedside tables and chest of drawers etc full, but check for any china of breakables

Have one box for all your important documents like passports, legal documents etc. You may want to keep this with you on the day so you know where it is at all times

Do not use newspaper to pack china or glass as the print from the paper may rub off on to them

When packing a box, have a note pad alongside so you can jot down the items you are putting in there. When the box is full and sealed, mark it with the most important items or the things you know you will need first once you have arrived at your new home

Save newspapers and boxes. you can never have enough if you are packing up yourself

Paper, pillow cases, tissue paper will come in handy to pack out the boxes holding china, crockery etc

When you have finished packing a box, write the room on it so we know where to place it at your new address. Its a good idea to write on the tape rather than the box so it can be re-used!

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