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Moving Tips and Hints

Here are a few great tips when moving home.

Gas and electric cookers should be disconnected by a professional. Ensure than you clean the cooker, particularly the exterior prior to your move to prevent grease getting onto other pieces of furniture on the removal van

Fridges and freezers
Freezers should be slowly emptied leading upto your removal. Please make sure they are fully defrosted before being moved

Washing machines
Washing machines should be empty and disconnected. A washing machine can not be moved without the transit bolts inside or they will not be covered by insurance

Who needs to know I am moving?
At least three weeks prior to your moving day it would be a good idea to make a list of what companies you need to notify that you are moving. Please click here for our check list to give you a helping hand....

Meter Readings
Before you leave your property and hand over the keys, make sure you have taken the final meter readings for the gas, electricity and water

Pets should be, where possible, looked after by a family member or friend until you are in your new home as it can be traumatising for them. If this is not possible, please but them in a their box or cage and let us know what room they will be in so we are aware

Children are very excited on a moving day as there is so much activity. If they are going to stay with you, please make sure they are kept clear fromthe removal van as this can be a danger to children and we may not always be able to see them whilst we are carrying heavy items

Emergency supplies
Keep one box with you on the moving day with items you may need to find in a hurry such as candles, light bulbs, toilet roll, tea bags, milk, sugar, a few items of cutlery, plates a sharp knife and a box of matches. You can never find things when you need them

Check your removal company does not have a key waiting charge

Insist on seeing goods in transit insurance when they are providing your quote - dont leave it untill your moving day

Be sure to ask for your quote in writing once it has been agreed

If there is poor access to your current or new home, you can request that your local council puts a restriction in place for the moving day. You should contact them at least two weeks before